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(Could you tell me about re-entry permit?)

(If a foreign resident wants to leave Japan temporarily during the permitted period of stay and come back again, you must apply for a re-entry permit at Kochi Port Branch of Takamatsu Immigration Bureau before leaving the country. If you do this, you will not need to apply for a new visa when you come back to Japan.)


Pay fee with a money stamp called “Shunyu-inshi”, you can buy from any post office.
Required documents
(Shunyu-inshi, alien registration card)


(Could you tell me about the status of residence and the residency period?)

(When entering the country, the condition of your stay and work restrictions are determined. If you change the status of your visa or extend your period of stay, you must go to Immigration Bureau.)

申請料とよく聞かれる在留資格(Fee and frequent asked statuses of residence)

(For more information, contact the Immigration Bureau.)

(Please tell me about international postal services.)

(There is EMS (Express Mail Service), airmail service, SAL (Surface Air-lifted) mail service, surface mail service, etc. You can send parcels at the post office. But some countries don’t deal with some of these services. The size limit, the cost and other things differ from country to country. Please refer to the site below.)
English homepage:http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/index.html

(How can I make a direct debit from my account for public utility charges?)

(You can do so if you open an account at a Japanese bank or at the post office. You can open your account with your signature even if you don’t have a seal. Please ask a clerk at the window about direct debits from your account for public utility charges.)

(Could you tell me about switching to a Japanese driver’s license?)

(If you have a valid foreign driver’s license, you can switch to a Japanese one.)

1. 期限の切れていない外国免許証
Valid foreign driver’s license
2. 免許を取った後その国で通算して3ヶ月以上滞在していること
You are required to have lived in your country where you obtained the license for at least 3 months after receiving the license.

必要書類(Required Documents)
パスポート Your current passport
外国免許証 Your valid foreign driver’s license
外国免許証の翻訳文 A translation of your foreign driver’s license
外国人登録証 Alien registration card
Photo (3cm×2.4cm)
※ taken within 6 months
国際免許証(持っている方) International Driver’s license
(only if you have one)
通訳(日本語が理解できない方) Interpreter
(if you don’t understand Japanese)
受験手数料   ¥2400
交付手数料   ¥1650
Test Fee    \2400
Issuing Fee \1650

People from the following 22 countries are not required to take a practical test.

イギリス United Kingdom フィンランド Finland ルクセンブルグLuxembourg ギリシャ Greece イタリア Italy ニュージーランド New Zealand ノルウェ Norway スペイン Spain オーストラリア Australia ドイツ Germany ポルトガル Portugal オーストリア Austria スウェーデン Sweden スイス Switzerland アイルランド Ireland オランダ The Netherlands ベルギー Belgium 韓国 Korea フランス France アイスランド Iceland デンマーク Denmark カナダ Canada

3. 手順(Procedure)はこちら(Click here.)

(How can I study in Japan?)

(Check the sites below.)

日本留学試験 (EJU)
(The Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students )

独立行政法人 日本学生支援機構
(Japan Student Services Organization)

日本留学総合ガイド (Study in Japan comprehensive Guide)

(How does the Shikikin and Reikin system work?)

(When renting a property, some or all of the following expenses will be incurred depending on the agent. It is also necessary to have a Japanese friend act as a guarantor for the contract.)
・Initial Deposit (Tetsukekin): This is a deposit required to hold a property that you are interested in. It is usually equivalent to one month's rent.
・Deposit (Shikikin): This is a deposit held by the landlord against non-payment of rent or damage to the property. It is usually equivalent to two month's rent.
・Key Money (Reikin): This is becoming less and less common, but some landlords still require it. It is a non-refundable gift to the landlord and is usually equivalent to one month's rent.
・Agent's Fee (Chukairyo): Commission payable to the estate agent. The amount depends on the agent.
・Rent (Yachin): Monthly rent which must be paid by the end of the preceding month.

(How do I rent a car?)

(You have to bring an international driver’s license and ID Cards (Passport or Foreign registration card) They explain insurance coverage to you in case of accidents, so they prefer you to understand Japanese or someone who can translate Japanese into your language for you.)

(Are there any banks where I can withdraw money with foreign bankcards?)

(If you have bank cards with a PLUS or Cirrus symbol, you can withdraw money from the main post office (Honmachi branch on Densha Dori) ATM which has the “”Need Cash? International ATM Services” sign (furthest ATM to your left as you walk in to the cash lobby).)

(I would like to take a Japanese Language Test.)

    日本語能力試験(Japanese language proficiency test)http://www.jees.or.jp/jlpt/index.htm
    実用日本語検定試験(J.TEST) http://www.jtest.org/jtest/ 
    ジェトロビジネス日本語能力テスト http://www.jetro.go.jp/en/jetrotest/
(JETRO TEST)実用日本語検定試験とジェトロビジネス日本語能力テストは申込み用紙がこちらにありますが、日本語能力試験に関しては、申し込み用紙は金高堂書店に取りに行って下さい。申込書は有料です。
(There are three major Japanese Language tests.)
Japanese Language Proficiency Test(日本語能力試験) http://www.jees.or.jp/jlpt/index.htm
J.Test(実用日本語検定試験) http://www.jtest.org/jtest/
Business Japanese Proficiency Test (JETRO Test) http://www.jetro.go.jp/en/jetrotest/
(We have application forms for J.Test and JETRO Test. If you want to get an application form for a Japanese Language Proficiency Test, you can buy one at Kinkohdo(金高堂).It costs 500 yen.)

(Could you tell me about an international driver’s license?)

(You must obtain an international driver’s license from your home country and the license is valid for 1 year after the date you entered Japan. When it’s past the expiration date, you no longer qualify to use the international driving license and must obtain a Japanese one. Some people who registered as a foreign resident in Japan leave the country just before the expiration date and get a new international driver’s license. But if they re-enter Japan within 3 months, they will be considered to be driving without license in Japan even if it is a qualified license.)

(Do I have to renew my foreign registration card?)

(Certificates of Foreign registration must be altered periodically even if there is no change in the address, name, or status of your residency. It depends on visa you have but first confirmation is after a year, and then every 5 years. You can confirm the date of the renewal of registration on your foreign registration card.)

(I dropped my wallet.)

(If you lose anything (wallet or cell phone etc.) or find something on the street or in public places, you should go to a Koban (police box) near your house and notify the police. When your belongings are found, you have to pay 5%~20% of the item’s value to the finder. If an owner does not show up over 6months and 14days, the item becomes yours.)

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