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Japanese home cooking


・卵1個+冷水 1カップ
・小麦粉 1カップ
・だし汁 1カップ
・しょうゆ・みりん 各1/4カップ
大根おろし 適量


  1. Pumpkin、, sweet potato: remove seed, peel skin, cut into bite size peices.
  2. Eggplant: without removing the skin, cut tip off, cut lengthwise. Cut halves into strips.
  3. Gobou: Clean well. Remove skin with the back of a knife. Cut in strips. Soak in water to remove aku.
  4. Shitake: Remove stem, Score a X on the inner side.
  5. Shishito: To prevent them from exploding, cut hole.
  6. Lotus Root: remove skin. Cut into 6-7 mm strips.
  7. Wash beefsteak leaves and dry.


  1. Shrimp: remove shell, head, spine.
  2. Kisu: Remove skin and bones. Cut into bite size pieces
  3. Squid remove skin, score back a few times cut into 4 to 5 cm pieces

How to Make:

  1. てんぷらの ころもを つくります。Make Tempra Batter:
    たまご1こをまぜて、つめたい みずを いれます。そこに こなを ふるって いれて、はしで かるく まぜます。しっかりまぜません。 このてんぷらの ころもは りょうりの すぐ まえに つくります。Mix egg add ONLY ice water to insure crippiness. Use 1:5 ratio, egg to water. Mix in sifted flour light but not completely with chopsticks. Make batter immedietly before cooking.
  2. あげますFrying :
    ふかい なべに 75%ぐらい あぶらを いれます。In a heavy pan or skillet, Fill pan to about 75% capacity with oil.
  3. 160どから180どまで あぶらを あつく します。 てんぷらの ころもを すこし あぶらに いれて、ころもが すぐうえに きたら あげてもいいです。Heat oil to 160-180C . Check readiness of oil tempurature by dropping a bit of batter, if it floats to the top immedietly the oil is ready.
  4. はじめに やさいを あげます。 たくさん ころもを つけないでください。しいたけと ししとう(spicy green peppers)は なかだけ あげます。ほかの ものは ぜんぶ ころもを つけて あげます。 ごぼうは 3−5ほんいっしょに ころもを つけて、あげて ください。Fry harder vegtables first. Avoid using too much batter. Only fry the inner side of shitake and shiso. Fry all other items on both sides. Fry 3-5 strips of gobou together.
  5. caution:
    Do not put too many pieces into the pan at one time. The tempurature of the oil will decrease too quickly if too many pieces are added .
  6. When the outer edges look cooked, turn over. Repeat twice. Remove completed tempra and place on rack to drain excess oil.
  7. Cook vegatables first, then seafood. Before dipping fish in batter, dust with flour. Hold shrimp and fish by the tail when dipping. Turn over as each piece floats to the top. Small bubbles will form at this time. Remove to rack. Do not over cook
  8. Tempura can be served either in individual portions or on a large platter.
  9. Place daikonoroshi and ginger into tempura sauce.
Let's enjoy cooking more! Have fun with Japanese easy home cooking.
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