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It is difficult to read a menu in Japanese without any pictures. But usually there are pictures in a menuso that you can know what the dish is.
There are some types of words meaning menu in Japanese.
Here they are.

メニュー menyuu
おしながき o-shinagaki
お品書き o-shinagaki
御品書 o-shinagaki

Can you read "katakana" in Menu?
 Please make sure how many syllables there are in a word and pronounce each syllable clearly. Differenciate Japanese pronounciations from the pronounciations of original foreign words.
Can you read "Sushi" menu?
 Key words
  特上 とくじょう tokujoo best
  上 じょう joo good
  中 ちゅう chuu middle
  並 なみ nami ordinary
  松 まつ matsu best
  竹 たけ take better
  梅 うめ ume good
Udon-ya menu
 Key words
  温あたたかい warm
  冷つめたい cold
  大 だい dai big
  中 ちゅう chuu middle
  小 しょう shoo small
Family restaurant menu
Gyuudon-ya menu
  並盛 とくもり namimori normal size
  大盛 おおもり oomori big size
  特盛 とくもり tokumori super big size

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