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Japanese Inn ; Ryokan

You are welcomed by the land lady called "Okami-san" , staff manager"bantoo-san" and maids "nakai-san"as you arrive at the ryokan.

Normally rooms in a Ryokan are tatami-mat rooms. There are a table, coushions legless chairs and a safe in a room. "Yukata" informal cotton kimono is prepeared. The maid in charge comes to greet and serv tea first.

After you drink tea and relax, You should go to a bath. There are a large publick bath, an open air bath outside and some rooms have a family bath for your own family.
A long bath sometimes causes dehydration and dizziness called "yuatari". Please be careful.

Please take a bath at least an hour later the meals and exercise.

having a bath and wearing yukata makes you cozy.
You can walk around out of your room wearing yukata.

And then you can have dinner at the dining room or sometimes in your room. The ryokan staff spread out the futons when you are out of the room for dinner.

Please relax and enjoy yourself!

Calendar-month and date

"Japanese hotel" Ryokan facilities

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