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・Level3 of JLPT
・Level2 of JLPT
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Psition Titles

Position Titles
  日本で多用される形 米国式(この表示【英】は英国式)
会長 Chairman (of the Board)/Chairperson Chairman (of the Board)/Chairperson
副会長 Vice Chairman of the Board Vice Chairman of the Board
社長 President President
(Managing Director/【英】)
副社長 Executive Vice President Executive Vice President
代表取締役 Representative Director Representative Director
(Managing Director/【英】)
専務取締役 Senior Managing Director Executive Managing Director/Executive Director
常務取締役 Managing Director Managing Director
取締役 Director Director/Member of the Board
監査役 Corporate Auditor Auditor
相談役 Corporate Counselor Executive Advisor/Senior Advisor
顧問 Advisor Advisor/Corporate Advisor

社外取締役が多い米国企業では、 業務執行責任者と役員を分けて扱う 企業も多い。
最高経営責任者   CEO
(Chief Executive Officer)
最高業務執行責任者   COO
(Chief Operating Officer)
経理担当責任者   CEO
(Chief Executive Officer)
財務担当責任者   CFO(Chief Financial Officer)
部長 General Manager General Manager
/Director /Manager
/Vice President
課長 Manager Manager/Section Chief
Assistant General
係長 Chief Subsection Chief/Senior Staff/Assistant Manager
次長 Deputy Director
/Assistant Director
Deputy General Manager/Assistant General Manager
支店長 Branch Manager Branch Chief/Branch Manager/Branch Office Manager
工場長 Plant Manager Factory Manager/Plant Manager/Shop Foreman/Superintendent of a Factory/Works Manager

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