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foreign wards-Katakana-go

Foreign words in Japanese language
Lots of foreign words like “taxi” and “hotel” are used in Japanese conversation, at least that’s what Japanese people believe. The words are called “Japanese English” made in Japan. We call a business person Sarariiman “ a salaried worker, office worker, factory worker”
These can be very troublesome for those learning Japanese language. →see the difference

There are many English words used in Japanese with Katakana(one of three type of Japanese letters). But it is very difficult for you to find them as English words.Because their pronunciations are completely different from the original English word, moreover, they are sometimes abbreviated like changing "departoment store" to "depaatot"standed for. And there are many words "iubages" having no relation to foreign wordlike "gas station" gasorinsutando in Japanese. And problem is that Japanese people believe that they are English, although they are far from original ones. So you find them “Japanese English”.

Now I show you guidelines in pronounceing such words.
Espresso is counted three syllables in English but six in Japanese. Japanese is syllabic and every consonant except “n” make a pair with a vowel. There are five vowels on Japanese compering with 14 vowels in English. Refer See Japanese Syllabary Chart and listen to the Sounds here.

スターバックスラテ Caffe Latte
su  ta  a  ba  k  ku  su  ra  te 9 syllables
カプチーノ Cappuccino
ka  pu  chi  i  no  5 syllables
キャラメルマキアートCaramel Macchiato
kya  ra  me  ru  ma  ki  a  a  to  9syllable
カフェモカ Caffe Mocha
ka  fe  mo  ka 4 syllables
カフェアメリカーノ Caffe Americano
ka  fe  a  me  ri  ka  a  no  8 syllables

Here is Katakana-go that are very difficult for you to guess from original English words. Let's try this quiz to check how many Katakana-go you know

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