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Intransitive verbs Transitive verbs
tsukimasu;go on tsukemasu;put on
kiemasu; go off keshimasu; put off
shimarimasu;closet shimemasu; close
akimasu; open akemasu; open
demasu; leave dashimasu; put out
hairimasu; enter iremasu; pu in
okimasu; get/wake up okoshimasuwake s.o. up
orimasu; get off oroshimasu; put dowm
norimasu; get on nosemasu; put on
ochimasu; drop otoshimasu; drop
kawarimasu; change kaemasu;change
todokemasu; deliver todokemasu; be delivered
tachimasu; stand tatemasu; stand
kaerimasu; return kaeshimasu; return
toorimasu; pass tooshimasu;pass
naorimasu; be fixed naoshimasu; fix
kowaremasu; break kowashimasu;break
hajimarimasu; start hajimemasu;start
mitsukarimasu; be found mitukemasu; find
miemasu; see mimasu; bevisible
kikoemasu; be sudible kikimasu; hear
hairimasu;enter iremasu; put in
owarimasu; end oemasu; end

Te-iru express the idea that something happened and that maintains the state which was created by that event.

The door is open.
doa ga aiteimasu.ドアが しまっています。
A bottle of beer is in th fridge.
biiru ga reisooko ni haitte imasu.ビールが はいっています。
The shop is closed. Mise ga shimatteimasu.みせが あいています。
The verbs used in this expression are intransitive verbs.

Meanwhile, Te-aru express also the state but the difference from te-iru is tre-aru sentence connotate someone did it with his intention
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