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Japanese Like /Dislike

Sentence structure

Person wa Noun ga suki desu./ suki dewaarimasen. (Na-Adjective)

Person wa Noun ga iidesu./ yoku arimasen.  ( i-Adjective)

This structure is used for Ability, desire/ need, fondness, emotion.
listed below are the verbs(-masu) and adjectives(-desu) which useally require this sentence structure.

1. Ability
understandable, understand;wakarimasu(verb)
can do; dekimasu (verb)  
 Sumisuーsan wa nihonngo ga dekimasu./dekimasen
good at; joozu desu (Na-Adjective)  
 Ichiro wa yakyuu ga joozudesu./ joozu dewa arimasen.
poor at; heta desu (Na-Adjective)
 watashi wa eigo ga hetadesu./ heta dewa arimasen.

2. Desire/ Need
want something; hoshii desu (I-Adjective)
 watashi wa i-pod ga hoshii desu./ hoshikunaidesu.
want to do; shi-tai desu. (I-Adjective)
 watashi wa kamera ga kaitaidesu./ kaitakunaidesu.
need; irimasu (verb)
 watashi wa okane ga irimasu./ irimasen.
3. fondness,
like; sukidesu ( Na-Adjective)
 watashi wa sushi ga sukidesu. / sukidewa arimasen.
dislike; kirai desu (Na-Adjective)
 kodomo wa yasai ga kirai desu./ kirai dewa arimasen.

4. emotion
embarrassing; hazukashii desu (I-Adjective)
nostalgic; natsukashii desu (I-Adjective)
hateful; nikurashii desu (I-Adjective)
fearful; kowai desu (I-Adjective)
vexing; kuyashii desu (I-Adjective)
dreadful; osoroshii desu (I-Adjective)
enviable; urayamashii des  (I-Adjective)

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