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when you want a book, you can say "hon ga hoshiidesu."ほんが ほしいです。 in Japanese. And when you say about the others' desire, My children want new toys. "kodomo wa atarashii omocha o hoshigarimasu."こどもは あたらしい おもちゃを ほしがります。
When you want to do something, "watashi wa biiru o nomitaidesu." わたしは ビールがのみたいです。And when you say about the others' desire, my children want to eat sweets. "kodomo wa okashi o tabatagarimasu."こどもは おかしを たべたがります。

Speak out loud, please.

I want something.
watashi wa ga hoshiidesu. hoshikunai desu hoshikatta desu hoshikunakatta desu
?nani ga hoshii desu ka
Someone wants something.
kodomo wa o hoshigarimasu hishigarimasen hoshigarimashita hoshigarimasendeshita.
?nani o hoshigarimasu ka.

I want to do something.
watashi wa o kaitai desu kaitakunai desu kaitakatta desu kaitakunakatta desu
?nani o shitaidesu ka.

Someone want to do something.
kodomo wa o tabetagarimasu tabetagarimasen tabetagarimashita tabetagarimasendeshita.
?nani o hoshigarimasu ka


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