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Level 4
Question; WH-words

Verb-Formsどうし/ Te-Formて‐けい/ te-aruてある/ te-iruている/ Nai-Formない‐けい/ wantほしい/wanto toたい / Shall we/Let'sましょう・ませんか/ Modifying Nouns&Relative clauseしゅうしょく/ Adjectivesけいようし/ Particlesじょし/ Adverbsふくし/ Numbesrかず0-10/ 0-1000/ Big Number/ Countersじょすうし ひとつ/ Countersじょすうし‐ほん‐まい/ Daysようび/ Dateつき・ひ/ Telling timeじこく/ Period of time;Hoursじかん/ This, thatしじご/Conjunctionsせつぞくし/ Interrogative Pronounsぎもんし/ Expressionひょうげん/

Who: dare/ donata

What: nani/ nan

Where: doko

When: itsu

How old: nan sai
Why: naze/dooshite/ nannde
How: dooyatte
How much: ikura
How many: ikutsu
How old: o-ikutsu
Kochira wa dare desu ka.
dare ga ikimasu ka.
Kore wa nan desu ka.
Satoo-san wa nani o tabemasu ka.
Uchi wa doko desu ka.
Itoo-san wa doko ni imasu ka.
Yasumi wa itsu desu ka.
Sensei wa itsu Tokyoo ni kaerimasu ka.
Okosan wa nan-sai desu ka.
kinoo naze kaisha o yasumimashita ka.

Dooyatte kaisha ni ikimasu ka.
Kore wa ikura desu ka.
ringo o ikutsu kaimashita ka.
O-kosan wa oikutsu desu ka.

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