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・Level4 of JLPT
・Level3 of JLPT
・Level2 of JLPT
・Level1 of JLPT

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Japanese and JLPT

Let's learn Japanese and pass JLPT as easily and as effectively as possible!

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About Me:
My name is Chizuru hatamachi. I am native Japanese speaker who teach Japanese for about 15 years. My students are business person living in Tokyo and their family from all over the world. I am passionate about Japanese culture and language. I want to share his love of the Japanese language and culture with students the world over.

The Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test.
The NHK communications Traning Institute. Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language.

Proffesional Experience:
Planned and tought intensive courses (20hours for beginners)
at Japanese automobile companies, foreign banks and security companies and so on.

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