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At home
Being invited to a Spanish home is a test of your Spanish as well as a chance to improve it.
1 Being shown round an apartment ,called mansion マンション but it' s not a mansion literally.
2 Receiving and accepting invitation しょうたいじょう
3 Meeting Japanese family にほんじんの かぞく
4 Chatting over a meal, しょくじ


How much have you learnt?

3 Meeting a Japanese family


Ichiro's wife:


You: to their child

Ichiro's wife:


You're visiting your friends Noriko and Shin and showing them a picture of your family. Introduce each member of your family, out loud of course.
You may need the Key Words

Point out your husband/wife.

Point out your son.

Point out your daughter.

Point out your father.

Point out your mother.

Japanese Family name

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