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2 At a market/いちばで

Now I will show you some typical Japanese suvenirs. Please ask the price and the name in Japanese and negotiate with a shop clerk to be a good economical shopper. Of course, speak out loud!
Typical Souvenirs
teacup chawan ちゃわん
tray obon おぼん
pot tsubo つぼ
fan sensu せんす
round fan uchiwa うちわ
towel tenugui てぬぐい
wrapping cloth huroshiki ふろしき
clothing kimono きもの
summer cotton kimono yukata ゆかた
short coat hanten はんてん
wind bell huurin ふうりん
battledore hagoita はごいた
chopsticks hashi はし
wooden doll kokeshi こけし
ornamental hairpin kanzashi かんざし
goold luck cat manekineko なまきねこ
cup and ball game kendama けんだま
clogs geta げた
hanging picture kakejiku かけじく
shop curtain noren のれん
lantern choochin ちょうちん
folding paper origami おりがみ
apanese Paper with colored figures  えど‐ちよがみ
Cut-glass えどきりこ

this, that, and that over there
Big Number
Adjectives for shopping
Adverb from Adjective
Shopping for souvenirs

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